Functional and Artistic WoodCraft

Handmade, heirloom quality, wood items for everyday use as well as one of a kind, artistic, pieces.

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Welcome to 623 Woodworks

Located in Northern Maine, we are hand-turning heirloom quality goods meant for everyday use. With proper care, 623 Woodworks products will last a lifetime.

For the fine art connoisseurs, we offer high-end, meticulously crafted collectible pieces. These unique, one-of-a-kind turnings truly are a labor of love.

As we work predominantly with reclaimed wood, our products are but the next chapter in an already storied life.  Some of our elm bowls for example came from trees that were standing before Maine was even a state. Imagine the things they have seen!

We are proud to share our passion and this small piece of the Northern Maine woods with you. Please see below for our featured product and full offerings.