Maple Hollowform/Urn SOLD

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This is a unique, one of a kind, handturned hollowform. It has been created from spalted, curly maple that was brought to me by a friend of mine who happens to be a logger. This log almost ended up being firewood until he noticed the curly grain and new it was to nice for the stove. The curly grain and colors in this piece are simply gorgeous.

It has been finished with shellac then several coats of lacquer with a final finish of buffed wax.

This is suitable to be displayed as an art piece or could be used as an urn. If used as an urn you may consider securing the finial with glue or silicone as the finial fits snugly but it is not threaded and could be knocked loose.

The measurements are 11-1/2" high (including the finial) x 7-1/4" diameter and the volume measures 170 cubic inches, so this will hold the cremated ashes of about 170lbs.