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This piece, created from Norway Maple, can be used as a cremation urn or just simply displayed as a piece of art. The bark inclusion along with the color created by use of alcohol based dyes have made this piece beautiful.

The hollowform has been dyed and finished with several top coats of shellac and then buffed for a smooth and shiny finish that will protect for years.

The finial is also maple but has been dyed a darker color with red hues showing through the darker color.

The finial is not thread but does fit tightly, however, if this is to be used as an urn you may consider securing the finial with either glue or silicone.

The piece measures 11" tall (including the finial) x 4-1/4" diameter and the volume is 85 cubic inches so it will hold the cremated ashes of about 85 lbs.