Spruce Burl Hollowform-SOLD

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This piece has been made for a spruce burl. It has been hollowed by hand on the lathe. The finial is made from maple and has been painted black with the very base being dyed for contrast.

The burl wood contains beautiful varying grain and color patterns and is sought after by turners and woodworkers.

The piece is suitable to be used as a decoration or could be used as an urn. If used for a pet urn the finial will need to be attached with glue or silicone as it does not include threads.

The finish is shellac with several coats of lacquer and buffing.

The measurements are 6" diameter x 2-1/2" high, the finial is an additional 4-3/4" tall for a total of about 7-1/4" in height. The volume is 32 cubic inches so it will hold the cremated ashes of about 32 lbs.