Basket Weave Process

The basket weave illusion process is a very precise and time intensive process but the results are magnificent. When completed, and done well, it will give the illusion of a basket that has had a design weaved into it. It is satisfying when a person examines your work and finds it is actually a solid piece of wood when they had thought it was a type of basket.

After the form has been turned on the lathe, wether it be a plate or a hollow form, the beading is added with a special beading tool. Each bead is separated with "burn lines" to help define the bead and also help with separation when applying the ink.

The next step is referred to as "indexing". This involves using an indexing wheel on the lathe to divide the plate/hollow form into an equal amount of sections around its circumference. During this process pencil lines mark out the sections.

After the indexing has been completed and marked, the pencil lines all need to be burned using a pyrography pen custom made for this purpose. I make my own pens for this process.

Once all these steps have been completed I then decide on a pattern or design and start filling in the segments. I use India Ink to do this as it does not bleed and is lightfast. The coloring can take many hours to complete depending on the size of the vessel and the design I am applying but I find it can be relaxing.

The final step is to sign the bottom of the piece and apply a few coats of lacquer to protect the surface.