The Shaker Box Process

Skaker Boxes have been a favorite of mine since the first time I ever saw them. The oval shape and the swallowtails are a thing of beauty.

The boxes I make are done so using traditional methods and materials. I saw the sides from locally harvested maple and the tops and bottoms are made from quarter sawn pine, also locally harvested. 

The "swallowtail" pattern on the sides are marked out and cut by hand with a knife. Next the sides, or bands, are boiled in water to soften the wood fibers to allow them the be bent to a form. The bands are bent and tacked in place using special copper tacks made just for this process.

After the boxes have dried a few days they are removed from the forms and the tops and bottoms are fitted and secured by use of wooden or copper pegs.

After a final hand sanding the finish is applied. I use a few different types of finishes including stains, old fashioned milk paint and tung oil.