11-1/2" Birch Hollowform/Pet Urn (HF1)

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This hollowform has been created from White Birch that was salvaged from a power line brush clearing job.

A hollowform that will work great as an art piece or will make a great memorial for your pets ashes, you can decide. A very small knot came loose and a tiny crack developed during the drying process but both have been filled with turquoise filler and it only adds to the character of the piece.

It features a cherry collar and brass threaded insert with a black finial. The finish is a sealer with several coats of lacquer that have been buffed.

The form measures 11-1/2" high (including finial) x 4-1/4" diameter x 70 cubic inches. If used as an urn this will hold the equivalent of about 70 lbs.